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Press and Opinion

"As anyone involved with professional voice recording knows de-breathing long sections can be a really time consuming chore and is best done one breath at a time, so I have to admit I was a touch skeptical when I first tried the new VPre professional voice processing plugin. We do a fair amount of high end voice work and for the price I thought VPre might not deliver the professional de-breathing and voice processing we demand.

"I needn't have worried. There were a bunch of engineers in the room for the test drive and after simply dialing up the de-breathe preset to use on a particularly badly breathy voice read we hit play and all said "Wow". VPre cleans up recorded voice tracks brilliantly in post but is even more useful as an all in one voice processing plug in inserted live over the recording.

"VPre Compression, limiting, de-breathing and de-essing are all really easy to use but also sound great and compete with the anything else in the plug in market. The VPre expander is almost invisible and perfect for when you're forced to record in a less than perfectly acoustically clean environment. And although VPre is tailor made for the professional voice processing environment don't be afraid to experiment with it; on the latest Johnny Matteson single we ran the VPre compressor / limiter on a few of the drum sounds to make the snare sizzle and bring out the attack on toms."

- Nigel Foster, Sale Street Studios.

"I was pleasantly surprised when I tried [VPre's breath reduction] for myself. As with most dynamics processing when you over do it it doesn't sound very pleasant but back it off to around 12dB of reduction, get the thresholds right and it works well... VPre produced a very respectable result."

"I don't know what is going on under the hood but [VPre's expander] does exactly what it says and reduces the room noise without the artifacts of gating and pumping. It definitely helps to turn an average studio into a very quiet space. Unless I really try to overdo it I can't hear the background come and go in the gaps. The 80Hz filter is excellent at containing the rumble that we seem to get from so many studios these days."

"This is an excellent dynamics package that has clearly been designed for speech. The range of controls has been pitched just right between too complex and not enough control. The support from the web site is stunning especially for a new product with tutorials and an excellent FAQ already in place."

- Mike Thornton, Pro Tools for Media, June 2010.

VPre is a realtime processor designed specifically for spoken word voice applications. It features a great sounding expander, compressor, limiter and de-esser as well as an innovative new breath reduction processor unlike anything else currently available. Not only is VPre a great time saver, it will also allow you to produce recordings that are cleaner than ever before without losing any of the natural sound you're looking for.

This page gives you an idea of what VPre can offer in terms of technical quality and potential time savings. Or, if you can't wait to get your hands on VPre, download our 14 day trial version now. Thank you for your interest in VPre.

Intelligent Breath Reduction Processor

Breath Reduction

Let's start by focusing on VPre's breath reduction facility. This is a new type of processor that intelligently reduces the level of breaths in a voice signal, leaving the rest of the material untouched.

VPre can be used to entirely remove breaths from a performance if that's what you're after, but it also offers a much more sophisticated level of breath reduction. Depending on the nature of the job in question, it may be more suitable to gently reduce the level of most breaths whilst applying a more aggressive reduction only to the loudest and most intrusive breaths. No other plug-in offers this kind of flexible breath processing.

Optimised Voice Expander for Cleaner Recordings


VPre's expander has been designed specifically for voice purposes with many of the settings found on a traditional expander being handled automatically. The result is a processor that's completely resistant to clipping parts of words once the threshold has been set correctly, yet is still capable of a substantial perceived noise reduction

Depending on the recording environment used, it can be possible to achive reductions of 24dB without any adverse effect on your voice signal. At this level of reduction, the expander isn't just reducing the room noise, it's also vastly reducing extraneous noises like mouth clicks, paper noise and shirt rustles, saving you valuable editing time.

All of Which Equals Big Time Savings

Most engineers agree that the cleaner a voice recording is to begin with, the less time will be needed for editing and cleaning up afterwards. This is how VPre saves you time. It gives you a cleaner recording so you'll spend less time on post production. So if you seem to be spending more and more time removing extraneous breaths and noises to keep your clients happy, VPre was designed for you.

From time to time a job arises where a reader takes big, gulping breaths between every sentence. The breaths can be very obtrusive and detract from the performance, especially for people listening on headphones. Often the only option is to remove most of the breaths individually. In this case VPre can reduce editing time so much that it pays for itself in the space of a single project. What's more, the end product is superior because the breaths can be left in at a level that isn't a distraction. Give VPre a try and see for yourself how much time you could save.

Achieve Perfect Levels with Ease


Compression is important in voice recording to ensure that the quietest whisper is clearly audible without the biggest shout being excruciatingly loud. Traditional compressors, however, are not without their problems. Some readers produce very fast, loud transients at the starts of vowel sounds. Even with fast attack times, a traditional compressor can easily be caught out by these transients, resulting in a sharp 'clipped' sound at the beginning of the word which then needs cleaning in post production. Traditional compressors have also been associated with 'blasting' and 'pumping' in voice recordings.

The VPre compressor does not suffer from any of these problems. Like the expander, many of the traditional settings are handled internally by VPre. The processing works as it should giving you just the controls you need to get exactly the levels you're after with no artefacts, pumping or blasting.

VPre Replaces your Outboard Dynamics Processor


Many engineers still use a hardware compressor/expander to process speech before it gets to their digital audio workstation. VPre removes the need for this. It's as easy to set up quickly during a level check as any outboard compressor. Once set up correctly it can be relied on for the duration of the session.

To help prevent clipping on the way in, VPre features an exclusive new type of input meter the LDPM (latent digital peak meter). This meter has a slow response time so it's easy on the eye, yet it never misses a single digital peak. You can tell whether your input level needs adjusting at a glance.

VPre gives you the confidence to say goodbye to any outboard dynamics processor you might still be using and record directly through the plug-in. Additionally, if you're working on single voice recordings with no overlaid music or effects, working this way could allow you to avoid a lengthy realtime bounce at the mastering stage, saving you even more time.

Whatever Metering You Like the Best

Everyone has their favourite type of meter. VPre features perfect digital simulations of the most widely used analogue meters for voice recording work: VU meters and Peak Programme Meters (both BBC and EBU PPM's are available). It also features a new kind of input meter, the LDPM. All of these meters are fully customisable so you can easily set them up to match the other meters around your studio.

VPre Doesn't Clutter Up Your Workspace

It might seem like a small thing, but there's nothing worse than trying to navigate your way around a complex session when half your screen is obscured by floating plug-in windows. VPre gives you control over what is and isn't displayed in its editor. The VPre window itself is resizable and the meters come in a variety of sizes and display positions. In short, it's easy to arrange for VPre to take up as much or as little screen space as you like to make your everyday recording a more pleasant experience.

Great De-esser Completes the Only Voice Processor You'll Ever Need


Unlike a traditional de-esser, VPre's version separates sibilance detection and sibilance reduction into two separate processes. This allows you to tackle sibilance that extends into the mid range without losing any of the high frequency sparkle of your recording. You can safely leave VPre's de-esser in on all your recordings without having to worry about it dulling the sound. VPre's de-esser does what it says on the tin, incredibly well.

VPre also features a high pass rumble filter and a brick wall limiter that does the job and still sounds good. With VPre's features, you won't need outboard processors and you won't need another plug-in. You'll save on post production time and your recordings will be cleaner than ever before without sacrifycing any of the natural sound you're trying to preserve. We hope you'll download our 14 day trial version now and find out for yourself.