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VMeters is a comprehensive professional metering suite available in RTAS, VST and AU plug-in formats on both Mac and Windows.

This page looks at the different types of metering available in VMeters. You can take a look at the screenshots to get a flavour of what VMeters can do, or if you'd like to try it out for yourself, please download our 7 day trial version now. Thank you for your interest in VMeters.

ITU-R BS.1770-3 and EBU R-128 Compliant Metering

VMeters provides fully compliant metering to both the ITU-R BS.1770-3 and EBU R-128 standards. The EBU Mode meter includes loudness range (LRA) as well as short (S) and momentary (M) time window modes in addition to the more commonly used integrated (I) mode.

Minimum and maximum permissable levels can be set by the user and as with all meter types in VMeters, any sections of audio that don't meet these specifications can be automatically logged by the VMeters peak logger.

If you're mixing to a specification defined in terms of either of these standards, VMeters has it covered.

Customisable Loudness Metering with A, M or LKFS weighting

VMeters also comes with a multitude of custom loudness metering options. You can display a loudness bar for each channel in a multi-channel setup or a single bar or numerical display for all the channels combined.

Integration times can be adjusted from 10ms to infinite and A, M or LKFS (ITU-R BS.1770-1) weightings can be specified.

Peak, True Peak and LDPM

A traditional digital peak meter is a numerical display showing the highest sample value since the meter was reset. But peaks in a sound wave don't necessarily occur at the exact instant a sample is taken. VMeters's True Peak metering uses oversampling to more accurately represent signal peaks that occur between sample values, which in extreme cases, can be as much as 3dB greater than the highest sample value.

VMeters can display sample peaks or True Peaks on numerical or bar meter displays and as with all meter types in VMeters, peaks shown on these meters can be automatically logged by the peak logger. Also on offer is VSonics's proprietary Latent Digital Peak Meter (LDPM) which has an easy-on-the-eye needle movement but never misses a single peak. The LDPM in VMeters can show sample peaks or True Peaks on a bar or analogue meter display.

K-System Mastering Meters

The K-System is a metering standard designed by renowned mastering engineer Bob Katz, in an attempt to standardise levelling practises across the audio industry. Many engineers agree that K-System meters represent the best mastering meters available.

K-System meters have a relatively slow loudness bar, a slightly faster peak indicator, a 10 second peak hold and a clip light with consecutive sample clip counter. They are designed to be used with normal signal metering around 0dB and three different types are available, each showing a different amount of headroom. More information about K-System metering can be found here.

VMeters supports all three types of K-System meter (K12, K14 and K20) and is the only metering plug-in to offer K-System metering with LKFS loudness weighting. And just in case you like your mastering meters a little faster or slower than the K-System, VMeters also offers custom mastering meters. These have all the features of the K-System meters but with adjustable attack and release characteristics.

Peak Programme Meters

VMeters provides accurate simulations of all the most widely used peak programme meters (PPMs), BBC, EBU, DIN 45406 and Nordic N9. Each PPM can be displayed as a bar meter and the Type II PPMs (BBC and EBU) can also be shown on analogue displays. Stereo versions are available in AB or MS modes and the M0, M3 and M6 standards are all supported. Peak levels and PPM reference levels can be adjusted to match your studio standards and a minimum level can also be set for peak logging purposes.

VU Meters

No metering plug-in would be complete without them and VMeters offers a lovingly re-created version of the industry staple on both analogue and bar meter displays. Peak and reference levels are both adjustable.

Customisable Display

VMeters allows you to display multiple meters in the same plug-in window. So you can, for example, monitor individual channel loudness, overall LKFS signal loudness and True Peak for a multi-channel track simultaneously in a single window. You can adjust the size of each meter from tiny to giant size, and you can change the order the meters are displayed in by dragging and dropping one meter over another.

VMeters takes care of all your everyday metering needs and makes them a joy. It's available at a fraction of the cost of the common alternatives, for RTAS, Audio Units (Mac Only) and VST on both Mac and Windows. We hope you'll download our 7 day trial version now and find out for yourself.