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VMeters Screen Shots

VMeters | Comprehensive Metering

VMeters is a comprehensive metering suite offering professional realtime metering in AAX, VST and AU plug-in formats, at a fraction of the cost of the common alternatives.

  • ITU-R BS.1770-3 and EBU R-128 (LUFS) compliant metering plus LEQ-A and LEQ-M loudness weightings.

  • K-System mastering meters as designed by Bob Katz, with optional LKFS weighting.

  • Accurately modelled VU meters available on bar or analogue meter displays.

  • True Peak metering to accurately monitor peaks that occur between individual samples. All with peak logging.

  • Selection of accurately simulated peak programme meters including BBC, EBU, DIN 45406 and Nordic N9.

  • Display multiple meters in a single plug-in window. Choose from a selection of meter styles and sizes.

VPre Screen Shots

VPre | Natural Speech Processing

VPre is the ground-breaking signal processor from VSonics. Tailored to human speech, VPre's compressor, expander, de-esser and intelligent breath reduction interact in real time to produce exceptionally clean, natural sounding results with no hassle.

  • Gentle voice expander makes ambient room noise imperceptible without damaging your signal.

  • Intelligent breath reduction processor removes or reduces obtrusive breaths from your material.

  • Apply VPre in post production or record through it directly. Take advantage of realtime processing as it ought to be.

  • Purpose built voice compressor preserves the natural sound of your recording with no harsh transients or blasting.

  • Super clean recordings substantially reduce post production time so you can turn projects around faster.

  • A great sounding de-esser completes the set. You'll never need another voice plug-in.